• IiAvernius

    [Day 1] There comes a day, when people have to fight, for what's right. Well, here's some tips on how to "fight" your way into what's right. Sometimes people can be morons. Alot of times, people want to help the bullied, but don't because they wish to not ruin their "Popularity". Noone knows what someone's going through at their house. If someone decides to bully someone, in the bathroom, hallway, ext. Step up. Here's what you say. "Hey, dude, if you have to waste your time bullying, then you need to get a life. I cannot stand bullies! They are very rude. If you hurt this poor soul again, I will tell!". If they attack you, attack, back or even better, let yourself get beat up. Not only will he get into more trouble, but you prove yourself,…

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