As of the 26th of February, 2017, I will no longer be taking character requests, until further notice. Please refrain from asking.

The only requirements for this are:

This is not meant to be too exclusive, but there have been several cases of people that I haven't been able to communicate with because of the filter, and the Veteran badge indicates experience. You do not have to be 13+ as long as your words aren't coming out as "#####" to others. Email verification may help this, I am not sure. Also, I have noticed the Veteran badge glitching on several occassions, technically you don't have to have it as long as you've played for a year on this account. It's easy to find out at the bottom of your profile.

NOTE: People who do not meet the requirements CAN still play USHU and can use characters at the Legends Simulator. The requirements above just forbid them from semi-permanently "owning" a character in the other places.

Step-by-step guide

Here is what to do to get a character, if you meet the requirements:

  1. Go to the Suit Display.
  2. Look around for the character you want to be.
  3. Once you've found them, look at the plaque below them. If it says they're "Not taken", you're good to go!
  4. (Optional) Go to the Legends Simulator, from the lobby.
  5. Try aforementioned character, if they're there, to see if they're good to play as. Note that if they're not there, it will take longer to get them to you.
  6. Message Fradwasere asking for the character. If either of our privacy settings are too high, join the group and request it on the wall. Don't send me a friend request, I won't accept it unless I actually know you.
  7. Assuming I say yes - which I should - you'll have to wait a little while because updating characters isn't easy (Plus, see new schedule below. Shouldn't be long if you make reservations at the end or beginning of a month).
  8. While you're waiting, read the rules. This is MANDATORY.
  9. Once you receive a message (or group shout, which is more likely) that you have your character, (this won't neccesarily be the case particularly if your privacy settings are too high) join any of the games in USHU (excluding out-of-universe places such as the lobby or simulator) and you should automatically morph into them.
  10. Follow the rules, and have fun!


To be more scheduled, I think I'm going to do this:

Reservations (of characters) can be made at any time, as always, but I think I will update the character models (who plays who) once a month, starting on the 9th. I will aim for no longer than 40 days between updates but I can't promise anything.

Hope this works out!

-Fradwasere, Batman of USHU

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