• Right now I want to ask, and I'm not saying I can or will, but once USHU is fixed, what would you think about the ability to purchase skins for your character? This would allow you to play as, say, the comics variant of your character, who's default appearance is cinematic, or vice versa. Say you play as Daredevil, but prefer the inverted black suit or the Netflix one. You'd be able to buy that and wear.

    This has always been an idea as I've wanted to figure out a way to make money off this game. However, at the same time, I haven't been sure about it, for a few reasons;

    • All of the outfits (save for the ones I'm lazy to change) are the canon ones in USHU. Letting people change that gives them slightly too much freedom, in a way. I don't necessarily want people running around in the black Spider-Man suit or the Shadowlands Daredevil suit, but everyone would want to wear the outfits that are "cool" rather than accurate.
    • Skinning hats (especially if they wear a different mesh) is harder. Skinning weapons would probably just not be done, so black Spider-Man would still shoot white webbing. (Is that accurate? I don't remember.)
    • I would probably only add outfits I thought the character might actually wear in canon, and probably no different versions of the character. For example, no Spider-Man 2099 or Jane Foster Thor.
    • And unless I have every outfit in existence, I would get a lot of complaints and requests which I wouldn't want to fulfill.
    • Plus some characters have few or no other outfits, or wouldn't because I don't like their other outfits. And characters who's appearances change to drastically, like, I wouldn't do a DCEU Aquaman because canonically, USHU's Aquaman has short, blonde hair and the DCEU one is too different.
    • It's kind of unfair to those without Robux. And also unfair that I get all of the Batsuits of my choice for free because I'm the creator, I can't buy stuff from myself.
    • But the biggest issue, that I see, is that not all characters have outfits, some have many more than others, and with the way that USHU works it would be easy to buy a skin for your current character, and then realize you don't want that character anymore, and ask to change. You've then spent Robux on a skin you can't use anymore. Or maybe you get banned. Same result. And I wouldn't have them all that cheap because I don't want everyone running around with them. The only solution I can think of for the first one is having the same amount of outfits for every character, and one game pass that unlocks all of them (or all of one tier). But as stated earlier not all characters have the same amount of outfits.

    Anyway, those are the problems. This is just a little decorative game mechanic that I thought could be fun, but you can see all the flaws. I'll give you a poll anyway.

    Do you think I should try to implement a skins feature?

    The poll was created at 18:45 on June 3, 2017, and so far 10 people voted.

    *Just as a side note, while it's not really important, if implemented this may not have Legends simulator support.

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    • (I know I'm late) This is just a thought, but maybe if some gameplay mechanic (Like crime fighting) was added, you could earn in-game currency for buying skins (Granted it may take a while to earn enough credits to do so) and you can buy credits with robux aswell. Just an idea

      - Win

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    • I want ways to make in-game currency but currently don't really have any ideas. If Tempus ever finishes that "random bosses" thing or whatever then that would probably be part of it.


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