Suit Display
Official Name USHU Suit Display
Location Details
Universe Marvel/DC

The USHU Suit Display is a non-canon area of USHU where characters from the Marvel and DC universes, with hats or headgear often designed by Fradwasere, are displayed.

Characteristics Edit

The suit display features four hall intersecting at a computer, which is the spawn area. There are two sets of two halls, facing each other, with a sign with either the DC or Marvel logo.

One of each franchise is for Heroes while the other for Villains.

At the corners of the intersection, a large blue image such as the ones seen on public restrooms represents the male characters section, while an altered pink one represents female characters.

Under each character is a white plaque with the character's real name, the user who plays them's username, and the character's most prominent teams. Characters that are not in teams say "unaffiliated".

The Marvel heroes hall is currently the longest, while the DC heroes hall has the most balanced gender ratio.

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